Hello guys! Today we will travel to Zurich with a new paint job. 

Stay tuned! 

Alright, so let’s paint this truck. First of all, let’s enter the shop. Straight to paint, and.. My custom one. Come on, say something.
I think it looks good, I have the flag here. And, the hidden gem.

Alright, let’s confirm the order.

An I know we have a job ti Zurich somewhere here. This is the one. We will transport empty palest. They don’t have any weight attached to them, only 300 kilometers, so it should be a short ride, just for the fun, and for testing the new paint job. Ok, let’s begin the delivery

It is on the right.

Alright, doesn’t matter.

Ok, so empty pallets, here is our trailer.

OK, so I hope my paint job it’s not to ugly, even though it’s my first one. I really spent the time to adjust it and to make it look pretty. Well maybe I have to gain some experience, but for the first time I feel that it’s OK. And it’s actually fairly simple to make this paint job, well actually I did it exactly for this truck. If you want to make a paint job that is compatible with all the t…

Ok, so… I just scratched my paint a little bit. I am very, very curious how much damage do we have. And, guys, we have only 1 percent damage, and guess what, only on the truck, nothing on the trailer, so, I don’t know how, but it’s OK.

It didn’t happened to me for a long time to flip the truck.

Alright, so I was talking about how easy is to do this paint job, and I was saying that to be compatible with more trucks, you will need to spend a little bit of time, because you actually need to design the paint job for each and every truck. Fortunately there are not so many, but there are some.

This took me, let’s say around an hour to set every thing up, to install everything I needed to install, to design it and to test it, to see how it looks. I was surprised that I was able to get it right, right from the first time and, yah I will make a tutorial for this one. I feel that I understood everything what I needed to understand, and I can share the knowledge with you.

[Moment of depression]

OK, so what I am hating about this drive between Italy and Switzerland is that you have a lot of tunnels, and I hate driving through tunnels, it’s so boring, nothing to see, it’s jut you and the tunnel, and most of the time you cannot overpass traffic, and you just sit there bored to death. Come on, do we have any more tunnels or not? I hope not.

… and the bus, of course.. Oh oh oh..

… OK, so we are already closing in to Zurich, flipping the truck one more time. That the f… is happening to me?

Luckily I already have the skills to put it back on wheels.

So is over 9 PM, I hope they have some lights in there, when I will park the trailer. They do have a little.


So, this is it guys. Short fun trip. We almost flipped the truck 3 times, and we have a new skin, well paint job, or skin, or… well actually it’s pretty, I love it.

OK, bye bye.

See you next time