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Many of the technologies seen in Star Trek and Star Wars became mainstream over the years. But at least one thing seen in those movies, seemed to be impossible to reproduce.  And I am talking about Holograms. Remember Yoda or princess Leia from Star Wars and their holograms? Well, this just became a reality.
3D images projected in thin air.

A Kickstarter Campaign started by the science fiction enthusiast an physicist Jaime Ruiz-Avila, is gathering funding for an truly amazing project. It is called Holovect, and is demonstrating an extraordinary device that is capable to display vector based images in thin air.
That’s right: In thin air.

Holovect: Holographic Vector Display

Jaime Ruiz-Avila is raising funds for Holovect: Holographic Vector Display on Kickstarter! World’s first desktop holographic display. It draws objects in air with light.

How does it work?

Well, I am not a scientist to describe it in smart words, but the principle is quite simple. Imagine a desert mirage. You see things that are not there caused by the way light travels two different mediums (hot and cold air). This causes some optical effects: refraction, reflection and diffusion, depending on different “refractive index” (RI) of the materials.
Basically this device can control air within a volume of space that allows a laser beam to be reflected by air in that particular region (a 12cm cube).
For more in depth information you can read more on the KickStarter page.


This is not a hologram

Even though it sounds the same. A hologram is not a holographic image. In simple terms a hologram is a projection on film or glass and the holographic image are free floating objects in air. This is an important distinction since holograms are used widely already in a range of applications, but Holographic images are yet to be implemented. One of this applications of holograms, is well known to public because it was used in many concerts, as post-mortem concerts of Michael Jackson, 2pac or Elvis Presley.


Open source project

This is an open source project that has the potential to be used in many types of applications starting from entertainment to industrial uses or medical research or examinations. The usefulness of this invention can go well beyond our imagination, but only time can tell.


You are welcome to contribute to this campaign even though at this moment it already over-passed the goal of $45,000 by 148%.
Use this link: KICKSTARTER if you want to back this project.


Tell us what application do you think can have this new technology?