Everybody is awaiting for news about Surface Phone. Some say it will be announced at the Microsoft Event on October 26’th, but Microsoft is tight-lipped about this.

Because there are many indications that Microsoft is making a Surface Phone, including the update in April 2016 of the domain SurfacePhone.com.
In my opinion there are two possible dates when this much anticipated phone:

October 26’th 2016

Duringwp_ss_20161021_0001 the Microsoft Windows 10 Event, they can announce it. This way they will have the upper hand before Apple, who will have an event of their own on 27’th. Considering that there is already more than one year since Lumia 950 was released, this event seems to be the appropriate time to launch this addition of the Surface Family.

March 2017

It may be logical to launch the Surface Phone in October 2016, but it will be more practical to do it in March 2017. This phone will be targeted for business, not especially for enthusiasts. This is why the operating system should be at it’s best. As we know, Microsoft decided to do the second major update in March 2017, and, as Microsoft stated, this update will be more focused on Mobile. It will be better to release a phone with a reliable OS to ensure a better adoption. Last time they released a phone with a half baked OS, the market share fell crumbling.

Besides whose two possible dates, there are rumors that it will be released as late as fall 2017, but I think Microsoft will not risk to delay it so much. If the market will not see a Surface Phone by spring 2017, I think Microsoft may as well consider to exit mobile for good.

What do you think about this?