As we all know, the Lumia line came to an end with the Lumia 650. We have known for almost 6 months that we will no longer see new Lumia phones produced, which is a sad fact because the Lumia line became an icon for Microsoft’s mobile operating system, with great build materials and beautiful designs. But in the same times we heard rumors about a new phone that Microsoft is planning to release. First rumor about the Surface Phone started early in 2015. It should be an addition to the amazing Surface Pro line, which really made a difference in the market of tablets and 2 in 1 laptops.

surface-phone-windows-10-concept-1This article is about rumored specs that the new phone should have when it will be released.
But first let’s clarify one thing.
The Surface was not yet confirmed officially by Microsoft, nor any of its specifications. This article is based on rumors, twits of some Microsoft employees and some official documentation found on  World Intellectual Property Organization’s (WIPO) website.

Fingerprint scanner on the display

A patent found on WIPO website, published on August 25’Th 2016 and applied by Microsoft, describes a way to read/detect fingerprints directly from the device’s display.

“An electronic device includes a transparent cover and a light source disposed at an edge of the transparent cover. The light source is configured to inject light into the transparent cover. The transparent cover guides the light until interaction with a fingerprint ridge at the transparent cover. The electronic device further includes a filter disposed along the transparent cover. The filter is configured to selectively allow the light scattered by the fingerprint ridge to pass through the filter. A detector generates a signal indicative of the scattered light allowed through the filter.”
Source: WIPO


The fingerprint scanner is already found on many smartphones these days, but all of them are embedded in a home button or on the back of the device (HP Elite x3). This new technology will enable Microsoft to save more space for more powerful components and to make a cleaner design.

However we cannot be absolutely sure that this scanner will end up being used, because many times patents are made to secure the rights to the technology.

Surface Phone will run Win32 apps… or not.

surface-phone-8-100577984-origThis rumor is as old as the first rumor about the phone. To make a phone running Win32 apps is not theoretically hard, you just need to put an x86 processor and the phone will run as a computer. The practical part is a little harder because x86 CPU’s need more cooling and much more power to run, and this is not easy to achieve in a phone. However, there was a solution for that. Intel had the Atom line that could power the phone, but they canceled the production of the Atom chips in April 2016, shattering this dream. Unless Microsoft has another trick up its sleeve, we will most likely see an ARM processor powering the surface Phone.

Imagine how much sense would have Continuum with an x86 CPU.

Release date can be in March 2017

It is hard to say when this much anticipated phone will hit the market, because Microsoft has never confirmed its plans to release a Surface Phone.

But there is hope. Recently an Microsoft Kuwait employee, Nawzil Najeeb, twitted that Microsoft will launch new Windows phones in 2017

This is actually a pretty solid lead in confirmation that Microsoft is working on a Surface Phone, or however it will be called. Plus, Microsoft assured its customers numerous times that they are committed to the Windows 10 Mobile and will continue to grow and support it.

All in all, if those rumors are true, and Microsoft will implement those technologies in a new phone we can expect a big turn in the mobile market in favor to Microsoft. This can be a new page in personal computing that will set a new standard for smartphones.

What do you think about this matter?