For the last few weeks, rumors about cancelling the next Microsoft Band, became more and more intense. It seems that Microsoft failed to bring Windows 10 IoT on Band 3. This generates mant discussions on dedicates websites and forums. Many took this failure of bringing IoT to third generation of Microsoft Band, like a clear sign that Microsoft will cancel the project all together, given Microsoft’s notorious history of  product cancellations.


However, Microsoft tried to make a subtle suggestion, but in the same time, with big effect, that they are not really thinking to quit on this project soon. They renamed the Microsoft Health app in to Microsoft Band. Even though the third generation of Microsoft Band was do to be released in October this year, Microsoft didn’t announced yet nor confirmed that they will be releasing the band this fall. Same thing happened wit the highly anticipated Surface Phone, that was also due in October. However, after analyzing Microsoft’s decision to postpone the second major update, cod-named Redstone 2, because they want to work more on some device specific function, it seems line this spring we could have a few surprises from Microsoft.

It is still to early to get too excited. I am still reserved and I am managing my expectations, because we are talking about unfinished projects. Even though Microsoft Band is on it’s second generation, Microsoft always thought about it as a test.

For now the updata doesn’t bring any changes to the app rather than the renaming, and is available on Windows 10 and Android. It seems that iOS users will wait a litle bit.

Download the app:
[appbox windowsstore 9wzdncrfjbcx]