Mercedes is serious to compete with Tesla Motors in electric Semi Truck area, and this is a very good thing.

Daimler announced they will begin sales of Mercedes-Benz truck in the next 5 years, reports InsideEVs. Mercedes is calling it Urban eTruck and it will gave a range of approximately 200 km, enough for one day drive around the city. [You can read the full story here]

In the same time Tesla’s Elon Musk tweets about a Semi of their own.

That means, two big names are competing for supremacy in this segment of vehicles and technology. And as we know competition was an important driving force for innovation, throughout the history. But the technology is not the only good thing coming from this. Thinking about the importance of transporters needs in political decisions, there will be some changes in therms of charging stations number.  Once they will start to adopt electric trucks, the need for charging stations will drastically increase ant they will star to appear more and more on the side of the roads.

I am excited to see what future brings, and I am eager to buy an electric car that I can really rely on in my country.