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Hi guys, Today we will gonna help the army by delivering some tracks.. for a tank, I belive.
Stay tuned
So, let’s take the job I saw. I’ts a fairly short job. This tracks, 11 tons to Luxembourg 500 km, it should be an interesting ride.

OK, let’s get the GPS destination. And actually, I think it’s here. You see the tracks behind me?
Ah! OK
What machine uses this tracks?
And if this tracks have 11 tons, do you imagine the machine that uses those tracks, how much weights.
So, it’s been a long time since I didn’t uploaded a game-play, fortunately I was able to solveall the problems with my frame drop, well I spoke about this last time, but I am pretty excited about it, at last I can play in decent conditions. And like I said last time, as well, I got myself a new mixer for my microphone, you have the Link In the description, and I think
I will put it somewhere on the screen, right about now. I am very glad I did this small investment,
because my audio is already better than it was, and I have less to worry about post production.

OK, so we are leaving, I think, Switzerland, entering to France. We have a bit of a congestion here.
Ohh, ah, It’s ok , it’s ok it’s ok. Com on, com on, com on. I don’t have enough power for that.
Yah, so I was thinking to expand, to buy more garages. I have, right now 4 garages. All of them are full, working, everything is fine. By the way, I won the lottery, I have about 74 and a half million euros in my account, so I petty much can buy everything I want. But I am playing just for the pleasure of playing.
I don’t know how I did this thing. I had an… I know when it happened… I had an issue with the jobs, because the job list wasn’t displayed, so I know that you need to reset the economy in the game and the jobs till appear. I did it a few times, every time it was OK, but the last time when I retested the economy, I don’t know why, but the game thought I am a millionaire and gave me 73 million dollars… euros, sorry.
So, I am doing great. Right now I have 74,5 so one and a half million is something I earned, let’s say. Well it’s pretty easy to earn 1,5 million when you have enough money to invest. I bought 2 more garages with 6 trucks, plus on the second garage I bought, 2 more trucks, so in total I bought 2 garages with 8 trucks and, well, of course 8 drivers, all working for me, making me money.
So, right now, I can say that I am OK. What I was saying about Empire in the beginning, a few episodes back? Well I think it will be easier tan I thought to build that empire, we have the money already for it.
I wish those money, I have in the game, were real. At least a third, a quarter of them, I am not greedy.
Look at that little Citroen, isn’t it? Yah, it’s the Citroen, don’t know what is
the model, but is very, very cute.
This is the last push. Oh, and we are discovering Luxembourg, because we never been there. Great, a new spot on the map. In the center of Europe, maybe we will buy a garage there.
OK, great guys. So, we are almost there, we are entering Luxembourg. No traffic, everything is fine. It should be right around the corner. OK so here should be… here it is. OK so here it is… where it is? Did I missed it? Yes I did.
I love when I have enough space to park the trailer. It should be ok.
So we are done.
This is it guys, this was the Army delivery we had for today. I hope you liked it, and if you wanna see
more videos like this, hit the LIKE button on this video, and SUBSCRIBE. We will meet next time.
Until then. STAY SAFE!