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  • It is official, Windows 10 Anniversary Update is coming on August 2

Today we’re excited to announce the next major update to Windows 10 – the Windows 10 Anniversary Update – is coming on August 2.
– Windows Blog –

Today (June 29) Microsoft announced the official release date for Windows 10 Anniversary Update.
After one year since windows 10 was first released, a year in which Microsoft had may happy customers and as much unhappy ones, a new version of the OS is coming with many changes and upgrades. From now is only one month of the Microsoft offer of free upgrade to Windows 10.

Microsoft is proudly announcing that they have Windows 10 running on more than 350 million devices. And actually, I think, now is a good time to upgrade, if you didn’t yet. For the last year since release, the OS improved drastically. Windows Insider Program users already tested the new features and gave many feedbacks all this time to make the system better, and the best thing is that now Windows 10 has a much better stability comparing to the first release in 2015.

Try it yourself.


Image credits: Windows Blogs